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Walnut Chess Set 14.7" with Metal Romans Chess Pieces

Walnut Chess Set 14.7" with Metal Romans Chess Pieces

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Wooden Chess Set - Custom Chess Set - Large Chess Board with Metal Chess Pieces
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✔ Walnut Chess Set:

Chess Board : 14.7" x 14.7" x 2.4" / 36 x 36 x 6 cm

Romans Chess Pieces
♛King height: 8 cm ♕
♟Pawns: 2" ~ 5 cm♙
Other Pieces: Between 2.2" to 3.2" ~ 5.5 cm and 8 cm
Weight Approximately 1.5kg

✔All patterns are created by combining handcrafted solid wood, walnut,rosewood and other materials made of different trees, using the wooden mosaic method.
✔The plastic casing of the chess pieces fits well into the drawers.
✔The polish on it was completely handcrafted using cotton using old methods.

🎁 You can choose this chess set as a gift for your loved ones, choose it as home decor or choose it for
yourself. 🎁

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