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Large backgammon set, personalized gift

Large backgammon set, personalized gift

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Handmade Solid Wood Walnut Personalized Backgammon

Material : Walnut , Solid Wood .

✔ It is produced by special hand workmanship and should not be confused with mass productions.

✔ We write your name,phrase or date on Backgammon and make Backgammon personalized for you.

✔ Backgammon set made of special material that you can use for many years.


Dimensions : 50 cm x 50 cm = 19.7 '' x 19.7 ''

Handmade Solid Wood , Walnut and brass wire embroidered backgammon.

Feel yourself with this backgammon sets manufactured in Turkey and feel that special loved ones feel special.
Ideal gift for backgammon lovers.

Why Choose This Backgammon Set?

+ It is completely handcrafted by a special backgammon master.
+ Its material is a special Walnut and Solid wood.
+ We can write your name on this backgammon set and make it special for you.
+ This Backgammon Set Backgammon where you ordered from Turkey is famous for the production and craftsmanship, you will feel better about yourself and your loved ones.
+ Wherever you are in the world, we will send Backgammon to your address by fast shipping within 1 week.

🎁 You can choose it for your loved ones as a special gift.🎁

▪ FREE SHIPPING, definitely it is prepared to ship within 7 business days.

▪ They are not serial production products. 100% handmade.
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