What is Gen Una Sumus Motto Means For Chess Lovers?

What is Gen Una Sumus Motto Means For Chess Lovers?

    There are tons of ways to entertain yourself and your friends nowadays. Between computer games, smartphones, Netflix and all that good stuff. But there’s something about a board game that can’t be replaced. It’s the satisfaction of physically moving your token around the board as you get closer to victory. The sound of dice hitting each other as you roll them one by one. The way you let out your breath quietly when you draw the card you hoped for, or curse under your breath when a certain player takes your hard-earned plot of land.


     Board games are common ground for millions of people around the world. They are a great gift and something that you can use to connect with people during your life events, birthday, kids' party etc.

     There’s no better way to unwind than with a board game. Beyond just the game itself, you can also connect with your family and friends, talk about old games and new ones, great memories from the past, and make plans for special times in the future.

    And those board games will find their place in the family's closet and on shelves of different household and be the common conversational topic many years from now and still it is going to be a big part of life for everyone who was playing it together!

So, what is the role of "gen una sumus" motto in chess lovers life?

    Chess is very popular among all people in any age as other games, but chess family has a passion to share their own knowledge and experience. As we call ourselves "The biggest family of World" we feel responsibility to convey the feeling of togetherness to world, and the motto "We are one Family" is the key phrase to identify with the feelings.

    This world is full of wars, conflicts, economic problems and political problems. Don't we need to have a world where people live in peace? It is not important whose bishop is where, who has killed more pawns than the other. The important thing is that you enjoy the game. The important thing is you and your opponent are playing together. We are all one Family, so remember the motto.

Gen Una Sumus. And unity is Strength.

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